The District Director of Social Welfare and Community Development of Ellembelle, Mr. Wisdom Bakuyeya has hinted that early risk detection was crucial to child’s development.
He made this known during the discussion of Household Early Risk and Vulnerability Identification Tool (HERVIT) explaining that the tool enables stakeholders identify risk at early stages during their work particularly during home-visits of LEAP beneficiaries.
He mentioned that another critical tool for stakeholders was the referral adding that the tool allows for officers to refer cases to the appropriate quarters for immediate action as they may not be in position to give solutions.
Mr. Bakuyeya finally went through the notification and update form with participants to enlighten them on when to refer cases to SWCD or the other stakeholders.
Again, participants were enlightened on the eight categorization of cases and their referral pathways and the timeline for reporting as well as responding to higher risk, medium risk and lower risk cases.
The guiding principles, ethic and good practices in social work were not left out notable among them were the principle of do no harm, non-discrimination and the best interest of the child as is being paramount.
The training ended with emphasis on the key roles of Ghana Health Service staff in the Intersectoral Standard Operating Procedures (ISSOPs) relation to LEAP beneficiaries.