The district Chief Executive, Hon. Kwesi Bonzoh and a team of heads of departments from the Ellembelle District Assembly embarked on a three-day community sensitization visit to communities earmarked for Community Mining Programme. This was to sensitize the people on the need to put a stop to illegal mining often referred to as galamsey. Some communities visited are Salman, Anwia, Nkroful, Teleku Bokazo and Asanta.

The DCE elaborated on some of the negative effects of illegal mining on the region. He spoke about water pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, destruction of arable lands and many more. He said these come with a lot of health challenges. He also said there has been an increase in the number of school dropouts in mining communities. All these are posing challenges to sustainable development.

Due to the numerous problems elaborated above, government has seen the need to streamline the activities of illegal miners. This has called for legislation to put a ban on illegal mining and the introduction of Community Mining to help government properly regulate the sector. The youth engaged in illegal mining will also be assisted to learn a trade to discourage them from engaging in galamsey.

He highlighted on other benefits the communities stand to gain from the Community Mining Program. He said a percentage of revenue generated from mining will be given to the mining communities for developmental projects, employment for all including artisans and encouraged the youth without any artisanal skills to get themselves some skills since there will a lot of opportunity to them.

Some community members expressed their fear of losing out to tecnocrats when this Community Mining kicks in. They also feared there will be bias in recruiting artisans to work in the fields. The DCE in allaying their fears assured them it will be free from any form of biasness. He said laborers will be employed based on competence hence those without any skills should go through apprenticeship since there will be opportunity for artisans such as carpenters, masons, mechanics, etc as he said earlier.