As part of measures to improve Assembly-citizen relations, the Ellembelle District Assembly has begun a radio sensitization programme dubbed “Assembly Hour”.

The sensitization programme is to inform the citizens of Ellembelle about the programmes and activities of the Assembly as well as stiffen the relationship between the Assembly and its citizenry.

The Human Resource Manager of the Assembly Mr. Rahman M. Timtey who led the maiden radio discussion on the WestEnd Station explained the Client Service Charter was established to enhance service delivery to the citizens.

He explained the charter can be accessed by all citizens who need information from the District Assembly adding that there is an officer dedicated to the Client Service Unit who takes record of all information and direct the citizens to the appropriate officers for response to their enquiries, complaints and quality service delivery.

The District Procurement Officer, Mr. Koame Dackson took time to explain to the service delivery standards to the citizens adding that, for the Assembly to live up to its duties, there is the need for the citizens to also comply to make work delivery efficient and effective.

He informed the public that the “Assembly Hour” programme will not be a nine day wonder but will be done every week to reach out to the public on issues to enhance development.

During the phone inn segment, the public thanked the Assembly for getting closer through the radio programme and requested for it incessant radio activity for the promotion of a healthy relationship.