Stakeholder engagement for the 2018 fee-fixing has ended in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region.

The consultation meetings which lasted for about two weeks engaged companies, shop owners, landlords, market women and the citizens in general in the deliberations.

Presenting the 2018 fee-fixing to participants, the District Budget Analyst, Mr. Bright Ohene Appiah indicated that, previously Assemblies over the country charged differently on goods and services of similar category. He said such practice brought discrepancies in the fees to be paid by both citizens and companies to the Assembly, hence, the need to carry out such exercise to deliberate to know the views of the citizens to incorporate into the fee-fixing for easy implementation in the year 2018.

He pointed out that Local Government Service has approved universal fees to be charged to achieve a uniform tax for all citizens adding that some of the fees need review since some products or services were previously not being charged by the Assemblies.

He revealed that the determinants of the charges were grouped into three classes namely Class One, Class Two and Class Three. He explained that the Class One consists of areas that have vigorous economic activities and the type of buildings located in such areas adding that the class two also shares similarities with the class one while the class three includes all others that have not been specified.

The DBA informed the people that the Assembly is considering taxing on garbage and indicated that it will be piloted in the Class A communities to see its success before taking it to the other communities in the District.

He informed them that pouring water on the streets is an offence and prevailed upon them to desist from such practice.

He reveled that in the new fee – fixing, church buildings will be taxed One Hundred Ghana Cedis yearly.

The participants thanked the Assembly for the move and expressed their willingness to pay their tax for improved development.