As part of measures in satisfying the training conditions in the staff performance appraisal, staff of the Ellembelle District Assembly have received training in Report Writing, Minutes Taking and Local Government Service Protocols which includes reputation management, etiquette and communication.
The Regional Human Resource Manager, Mr. Michael Abayeteye who took staff through the training pointed out that the training topics were carefully selected to meet the professional needs of staff.
He added that he would expect remarkable transformation in report writing and presentation and positive staff attitude towards work after the training session.
He indicated that periodic training was essential to the professional growth of staff and therefore commended management for the move and also urged staff to take keen interest in the training topics to enhance their performance at the workplace and in their personal life.
The District Chief Executive of the Assembly, Hon. Kwasi Bonzo noted that it was a ritual to train staff every year adding that continuous training and learning enriched peoples lives thus the commitment by management to train staff.
He mentioned that, though staff may be abreast with some of the topics to be taught, it was essential to pay attention to add up to the knowledge and also cooperate for the goal of the training to be achieved.
He expressed the hope that the impact of the training would be felt in work delivery of staff to urge management to carry out more training programmes for improved staff as well as personal performance.