The Social Development Officer of the Social Welfare and Community Development in the Ellembelle District Mr. Wisdom Bakuyeya has revealed that the office recorded 32 non-maintenances of wards in the year 2020.
According to him, children form the most vulnerable group in our society and are considered important asset of the country thus the attention by his outfit to ensure that children’s rights are protected.
He pointed out that some parents by certain means refuse to maintain their wards which had the tendency to affect the child’s physical, emotional and personal growth. He added that their main concern was to ensure that all children were safe and have equal opportunities for their optimum personal growth.
He indicated that all the 32 cases recorded were amicably settled while follow ups continue to monitor the conditions under which the children in the settled cases lived.
He added that Child Rights was a key part of their campaign thus the inclusion of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in their educational campaign.
He mentioned that their campaigns would also include radio sensitization programmes to enable parents know that child rights issues are paramount to government to enable them uphold the safety of their children at all time whether in marriage or separated.